Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act


(Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act)

No US President ever passed a law.  No US President can.  Congress has the sole and separate power of passing legislation and congress deserves the credit for getting it done.

The PPACA is the result of decades of debate.  Every US president since LBJ has talked about the need for health care reform.  President Obama had the intestinal fortitude to push it hard enough to get it through congress.  President Obama signed it into law.  This accomplishment is to be applauded.  He deserves credit for doing what all past presidents failed to do.

In an attempt to demonize Obama, the Republican Party (RNC) labeled it Obamacare and began a propaganda campaign against it even challenging it in the US Supreme Court.  At one point 60% of Americans swallowed this inflammatory rhetoric and call for a repeal.

As the law began to be implemented, Americans soon learned that the law actually helped millions afford health care. High school graduates could stay on their parent’s plans when they went to college is one example.

By the final presidential debate, the majority of Americans supported it and Romney apologized for using the term Obamacare.  Obama missed his chance to tell America to elect a Democratic congress.  Instead he kept all the credit for himself saying “I kind a like the term”.  Without giving congress the credit congress deserved the need for Democrats in congress was minimized.

Obama, I feel, is tripping on his ego.  With all that he has done for this country and continues to do, I can forgive him developing this problem.  I hope he gets over it and presses the need to keep a Democrat in the White house for many generations to come.

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