Republican foriegn policy

Rachael Maddow, speaking on why the republicans were not mentioning foreign policy during the election campaign concluded that republicans don’t care about foreign policy.  This view is not contrary to the facts and this is a plausible and respectable opinion.  I think Rachael missed the point.

The facts better support the concept of a foreign policy that would be so caustic to American ideals and principals that they dare not speak it. Put their statements in a list and I do not agree with the conclusion that they do not care.

  1. We should threaten North Korea with extinction.
  2. We should not withdraw troops from Iraq.
  3. We should not spell out a plan to withdraw from Afghanistan.
  4. We should have a credible threat of invasion on Iran’s boarders.
  5. We should be supplying rebels in Syria weapons.
  6. Stronger leadership to prevent Egypt’s government from being elected.

This list could go on but this is enough to support my view.  The Republican National Committee’s clear goal is to do in every nation in the middle east what Eisenhower did in Iran in the 1950’s.

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