Size of Government

America goes from one recession to the next.  The economy is out of balance with lower lows each cycle. The patch the past 4 presidents have applied is to grow the size of government.

In order to ease a recession, President Reagan created about 1.5 million government jobs.  Clinton did the same thing. Bush Sr. being a one term president, grew the Government less. Bush Jr., in the spirit of one-ups-man-ship, created nearly 2.5 million new government jobs.

If Obama had continued this trend, there would have been an additional 1 million government jobs created in the past 4 years and unemployment would be a lot closer to 5%.

Since Obama took office, federal jobs have been cut by about 791,000 and he is continuing this trend. Obama is the first president in decades to actually begin to reduce the size of government. Obama is working toward bringing the economy into balance.

Cutting these jobs hurts business.  The recovery would be faster if Obama was increasing the size of government instead of cutting the size of government.  Obama’s  reduction in the size of government is the approach his RIGHT WING opponents are calling for.

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