Tea Party

The Tea Party is a creation of the inflammatory rhetoric used by Republican Party before and during the 2008 presidential campaign.  Those who swallowed the distortions of John McCain, Sarah Palin and others without thinking were propelled so far to the right they fell off the scale.  “Right Wing Conservatives” usually stay within the realm of plausibility.  The Tea Party does not.

The refusal to accept the facts that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, is not a socialist, is not a Muslim, Is not affecting a government take over of health care, is not trying to take away all guns, is not negotiating with terrorists, is not deporting undesirable illegal aliens, and so on and so forth leaves the Tea Party members in a world that does not exist.

The Tea Party is not right wing.  They sit at a child’s table with imaginary friends in an imaginary world like most young children did.  Most people get over that world of make-believe and actually live in the real world.  The problem is they have taken this world of make-believe into the US congress.

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