Gerrymandering: Sleezy Fat Cat Politician Back Alley Manuver, or Why we have to listen to John Boehner

Gerrymandering is the drawing of political districts in order to undermine the voters choice and keep the peoples choice out of office. Gerrymandering is nothing new.The legal debate is ongoing.  (See

The majority party in the US House of Representatives now represents a minority.  They were voted out by the people.  The Sleazy practice of gerrymandering allowed republicans to deny the citizens of this country their voice. If John Boehner were to admit to himself his caucus lost the election he would be compelled to cooperate with the Majority supported Democratic Party.

The acid test can be easily established after the fact.  Did the candidate with the fewest votes win? If so, the lines must be redrawn.

Every political party has tried it at some time the past. In the 2012 election it kept the democrats from taking control of the House of Representatives. Now the movement is to see if the presidency can be swung to the minority.

This is the end of the electoral college system. If it is legal to manipulate the system to ensure the peoples voice is not heard, then the system is broken and needs to be changed.

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