Equal Pay for Equal Work

The first step in achieving equal pay for women is ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment.  Congress passed this constitutional amendment in 1972. Soon afterwards 35 states ratified it.  To include this amendment in the constitution 3 more states must act.


The struggle for equal pay for women has been spinning its wheels for at least 4 decades. This is a journey of 1,000 miles. It will not be completed until the first step is taken.

The equal pay issue is bogged down in the larger debate of how to force business to be fair with employees.  The larger debate contains issues including minimum wage, forced overtime, dress codes, sexual preference, race, physical and mental disabilities, full equality in the workplace, and many others.  There is no one solution to all issues. All issues concerning gender discrimination must be separated from the general debate.

America has changed in the past 41 years.  Most Americans are not aware that the ERA is so close to becoming constitutional law.  At least 3 of the remaining 15 states would act if motivated.

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