Rupublcan Party FALSELY clams it’s the “smaller government party”

Sine Ronald Regan took office, the government has grow from 17,000,000 employees to a peak of about 22,500,000 in 2008. The biggest bloat in the size of government was during George W. Bush administration when Republicans held the congress, a jump of 2,500,000 employees.   That amounts to half of the growth of the past 28 years.

FACT: The Obama administration has reduced the size of Government some 791,000 employees in only 4 years. This is a 31% reduction in the Republican bloat.

This reduction in government jobs is slowing the recovery. Faster recovery with lower unemployment would gain political points. Shifting the economy away from big government is best in the long term. This is best for our children and all future generations.  Obama considers this more important that gaining political points.

The Republican party knows this yet they claim the opposite.  America, how many times does someone have to lie to you before you stop believing them?

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