World Peace is a journey of 1000 miles, when will we take the first step?

VJ DAY was a time for great celebration for all the allied nations.  The cost was high.  Right along with the many brave soldiers, many innocent children paid the ultimate price.

Every year we stop and remember the soldiers who served and those who died in all armed conflicts.  I believe that it is time to remember the innocent children killed in war.

These children have been written off as “collateral damage”.  Is an innocent child’s death any less tragic if it is an “enemies” child?

If we start a National Day of Mourning, maybe other Nations will join us. This would be strong American leadership.  Far too strong to leave it to the government, this must be a people’s day. Governments are too busy organizing for war.

If every people from every nation identified the innocents they have lost, then every nation stopped and joined together to remember the greatest atrocity of war, the deaths of the innocents.

If the human race can acknowledge that any child’s death, anywhere for any reason, is tragic, then maybe the world can begin to heal.

Maybe this is common ground to earnestly begin the journey to world peace.

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