Alex Wagner, msnbc, is what a journalist should be.

Most in her profession pose statements as questions. If the reply contradicts what was wanted, more statements thinly veiled as questions follow.  This often leads to arguments where no one listens, no one learns, both end up looking foolish. The purpose of an interview is a basic exchange of information. if the only discussion remaining is “who won?”, then it was not an interview, it was a fight.

Best recent example, Shawn Hannity vs Kieth Ellison.  Far too often, people seem to feel that learning from someone is a sign of weakness.  Mr. Hannity began the interview with a propaganda reel then turns to his guest. Keith Ellison proceeds to point out the farce of his propaganda. Mr. Hannity then falsely claims Obama came created 6 trillion dollars in debt. Mr. Hannity gives no opportunity for US Representative Kieth Ellison to correct him ending the interview.

The Pretense of fact finding exhibited by Representative Lindsey Graham yesterday is a perfect example of failure.  Experts are brought in and asked pointed, slanted questions and if the response is not what was wanted then the fight is on.  The experts are given no opportunity to explain their professional expert opinion. The hearing becomes a farce as Senator Graham’s mind was clearly set before the hearing began. No facts are sought, no professional opinions are expressed, and no facts were found. The public is not served.

This farce was also demonstrated by Senator John McCain when questioning Chuck Hagel, Obama’s new secretary of defense. Mr. Hagel does not share Senator McCain’s “Threaten Them With Extinction” approach to diplomacy.  By interrupting and talking over Mr. Hegel stating “just answer yes or no” to McCain’s slanted questions, Senator McCain did not seek Mr. Hagel’s views on issues, instead he sought a public forum to attack and create an excuse to justify his opposition to the president.

Senator McCain was on the other end of his own tactics during a town hall meeting.  No one asks fair questions, no one listens to responses, no one gains any information. The exchange is turned into a farce.  McCain’s antagonists at the town hall meeting were more respectful to him than He was to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.

More than any other news personality I have ever heard, Ms. Wagner has a unique way of making a point, she states the facts and stops talking.  Brilliant! Unbelievable!

Ms. Wagner has a unique interview style, she asks open questions then listens. Her followup questions are directed on what the interviewee just said. Amazing!  I learn from her interviews and so does she.

It takes a great deal of character for one to admit they don’t know everything.  If you the reader feel I am wrong, please correct me.  That’s why there is a comment section in the blog.

As an educator I see Ms. Wagner as a teacher in that she models the behavior we all need to learn. Mr. McCain could take a lesson here.

Bravo Alex Wagner, she is as I stated above.  Brilliant, and Unbelievably Amazing.

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