Republican’s now control both houses of congress.

John Boehner’s statement “I got 98% of what I wanted” must now be taken as fact. This is a “shell game”.

The current congressional Republican House of representatives refused to pass a federal budget and blamed the Senate for lack of action. Despite the constitutional duty of the House to pass a budget the House refused to act.

House republican counterparts in the Senate cancelled the Senate majority budget vote with the filibuster.

The damage to the economy cause by the sequester is a direct result of the Republicans in congress. Republican obstruction of economic recovery is the accomplishment the right is proud of.

This shell game is further proof that the suffering of the poor and systematic destruction of the middle class is what the Republican Party calls progress. Corporate profits continue to rise and the rich get richer while 23 million Americans remain unemployed.

Middle class American voters: are we learning yet or will we continue to cast ballots for republican candidates?

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