Boehner contines to hold fast to the Romney plan.

Boehner got 98% of what he wanted is the fact. Ignorance on the part of the American people is his only tool.

Boehner proposes closing tax loopholes and lowering the tax rate. Mitt planed to close tax loopholes and lower the tax rates.Boehner loves to claim that “The House has passed 2 bills”. He refuses to admit that the 2 bills are the Mitt plan, which could not pass the senate, and the fiscal cliff deal.

This is the same old story. The Job creators need more money. Once again I point out that when we built the most powerful industrial nation on earth the top tax rate was 95%. Compare that to the current 39.6% rate.

Boehner loves to claim, “The president got his tax hike”. fact, no he did not, the tax loopholes are not closed, that was part of his proposal. Boehner knows this is true, yet he says the opposite.

Boehner is the leader for “class warfare”. He insistes upon the continued distruction of the middle class and continued redistribution of wealth from the middle class to the wealthy.


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