Keep talking Jeb Bush, minorities are listening and you will go the way of Romney.

Current path for “dreamers” includes being brought to the US as a child. Living “under the radar”. Getting an education without being noticed. Working without being noticed and without the protections of oppression that citizens enjoy.  Now as an adult, announce yourself as illegal, pay years of the back taxes that you were not allowed to pay before, paying the cost and passing FBI background checks  According to Jeb, this is easy. Jeb is counting on the ignorance of Americans to rise to power.

Jeb Bush, ignores the grossly unfair current immigration policy and calls for a “fair” system that denies legal immigration. This is yet another racist attitude of ignorance. Jeb is getting his point across to minorities with this one. I hope he runs for president. He will be easy to defeat.

First he calls for No path to immigration then says we need to be fair.

“If we’re not going to apply the law fairly and consistently, then we’re going to have another wave of illegal immigrants coming into the country.”

Before a law can be applied fairly and consistently, we need a law that is fair and consistent. Jeb misses the point of what immigration reform is all about. I compare this to his brother’s lack of understanding of what War is about.

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One thought on “Keep talking Jeb Bush, minorities are listening and you will go the way of Romney.

  1. please sign the petition to stop racism, see my post and link to petition here:

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