Sequester was Obama’s idea? Of course, where else would a compromise come from.

Republican house concept of compromise- My Way or Highway.In 2011 Obama proposed a budget. House republicans presented the same GW Bush’s $1.2 trillion and growing out of control deficit spending.

Republicans knew that in November 2012 Obama would be voted out of office and the majority of the senate would also be republican. Why compromise, just delay for a year and do whatever they wanted. Where did compromise come from? Barack Obama.

Obama campaigned on renewing the middle class while Republicans campaigned on more GW Bush economics.  After the 2012 election Obama proposed a budget in line with what he promised. The House passed the Romney plan. No compromise.  Thus the fiscal cliff.

GW’s tax cuts were expiring and they did not have to power to stop it. Republicans could not afford to do nothing and Obama again compromised and a partial budget passed.

Some tax cuts were extended, more than were prudent, but some taxes were put back to Clinton budget levels. Remember the Clinton budget? Zero deficit plus cash to start paying down the National debt.

2.4% of federal spending has been cancelled. The biggest customer of American Business, the federal government, cut spending. Is this really the way to promote job creation and economic recovery?

It does not hurt the top 2%. Romney’s people, Corporations, are doing great. Their profits are making the CEO’s richer and padding even more off shore tax sheltered accounts that ever. Just hang on a little longer 98% of America, soon the rich will be rich enough to start creating jobs.

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