Employment Opportunity: Cat herder needed, apply at whitehouse.gov

Only congress can pass a budget, the president cannot sign any bill until the congress passes it. All budget bills passed in the House have failed to pass the senate. Budget bills that receive a majority vote in the Senate are filibustered by the republican minority.

Polls show a large majority of Americans favor Federal Government spending cuts. However, when polled on what to cut, every area of government was taboo for a majority.

Congress mirrors this popular view. From defense to medicaid, even foreign aid, received a majority vote of “Do Not Cut Here”. There is simply not a majority willing to cut any one thing.

In the past, a committee of representatives from both the house and senate would meet a create a bill that both houses would pass. Instead of taking such action, House leadership blames the president and the senate democrats for lack of action. Senate leadership blames the republican minority in the Senate and the House.

What is the problem here?

Obama’s efforts of meeting with congressional leadership before the sequester failed to produce movement in congress. Failure of congressional leadership appears to be the problem.

Since congressional leadership cannot get a majority to agree on any budget, Obama is expanding his role in trying to get the congress to act. He will be meeting today with 12 republican senators today.


Getting congress to act as a group is like herding Cats, anyone want the job?

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