Halem Shake Dance Craze! Freedom at its best.

Society oppresses us in so many ways.

If your feeling depressed, modern American medicine will give you pills, the guy down the alley will sell you something stronger, philosophy will tell you that’s normal, an acupuncturist will stick you with needles, etc.

Zorba the Greek (played by Anthony Quinn): While everyone around him was mourning his son’s death, he danced.

Oppression is accepting the assumptions that others make about you.

Since I have trouble carrying a tune, I was always told to shut up. Since I have never been “graceful”, I was told to get off the dance floor, sit down and watch. Since my guitar playing skill is limited, I was told put it down and listen.

Since I have a song in my hart, I sing. Since I have joy in my soul, I dance. Since  the sounds of my guitar settle my thoughts and bring me peace, I play. I invite you to join me. Sing, dance, play. I refuse to live under self oppression.

The Halrm Shake dance craze tells everyone “COME DANCE WITH ME”. (No skill required) Love it!We need more of this.

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