One Phrase of truth on Fox News, Al Sharpton echos the Fox reported fact.

The phrase went by quickly on Fox, “The stock market is not the economy”. Al Sharpton stated it more clearly saying “Stock Market at a record high and unemployment at a record low is the balance we need”.

Well put from both sources. The GOP’s people,Corporations, are making money hand over fist. The Democrat’s people, the middle class, are still being depressed and oppressed. More balance in the economy is needed before the Federal Government will be able to balance their budget. (or should I say our budget.)

What is the senate doing? After the Senate intelligence committee was provided all documentation requested on the Drone program, and after the committee voted 12-3 to approve John Brenner as CIA director,  the main action in the Senate today is Rand Paul’s filibuster to stop the majority from moving ahead.

The factual answer to John Boehner’s question “why don’t the democrats in the senate act?” is simple, there are too many republicans in the senate. Thanks for pointing this out Boehner but anyone paying attention already knows this.

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