USA is a strong ship, it will right itself, damaged but still seaworthy.

Over time, individual programs, one by one, will begin to feel the pain of the Sequestor. Supporters of each afflicted program will press for relief. Polls show a majority for restoring funding to everything cut can be found. Piece by piece legislation will be introduced to increase funding for individual programs.

The amount of increase in each of these individual programs will be small. As long as each increase is paid for the result will be the same as if Obama’s budget plan had been passed in 2011, except for one detail, the scars left behind.

The interim damage to the economic recovery will never be corrected. The economic recovery will always be behind of where it could have been.The depression of the middle class will always put this country behind where it could have been. This time of suffering of the poor cannot be restored. Educational opportunities missed will put today’s children further behind.

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