Paul Ryan Reached Across the Isle and got Fox News and MSNBC to Agree, His budget is Smoke and Mirrors.

Yes, Fox News and MSNBC agree that Paul Ryan’s budget is simply “make the rich richer, the poor poorer” and the government deeper in debt.

Ryan saw Rand Paul grandstand in the senate and decided it is his turn. Once again the House proposes a budget that slashes taxes for the wealthy in line with the GW Bush philosophy that created $1.2 trillion deficit of 2008 and crashed the economy. He also calls for no health care for the working mother of 4.

Ryan calls this an “invitation to the President”. The Mitt Romney plan is not an attempt to pull congress together, it is another roadblock. Ryan knows this yet he claims otherwise. He knows that his newly recycled plan has no chance of accomplishing anything other than further division.

Senate republicans by use of the filibuster are blocking the funding needed to implement the insurance exchanges as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act calls for. On all fronts, Republicans fight to keep health care out of reach for the majority of Americans.

Paul Ryan knows that his plan will never balance the budget and will force the USA into larger deficits, once again proving that the problem in Washington is too many republicans in congress and not enough Statesmen.

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