Zerlina Maxwell, Bless you, Keep up the good fight.

My previous blog entry on Human Failure to Recognize a Human being when you see on speaks this exactly. http://wp.me/p3dmQW-5W

NEWS FLASH: Women are Human.

I do not carry a gun, I will not live in a country which I must in order to feel safe. No human should. A woman should not feel she needs to carry a gun to be safe.

I feel deeply saddened for the woman who wrote hate mail to  Zerlina. The writers words drip with the pain and suffering. I shed tears that one would be in so much pain as to write those words.

I am deeply saddened that Zerlina had to read such words.

We are, for the largest part, what we are socialized to be. Society will evolve, generations may be required, but we are evolving.

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