Feeding People Helps Most of Societies Problems.

The Paul Ryan budget calls for large cuts in food subsidies.

Note to Paul Ryan: people are entitled to food, its call the “social conscience”, Something the GOP lacks.

  • Reduce unemployment: Starving people can’t work.
  • Reduce Crime: Starving people steal.
  • Reduce disease: Starving people are sick people.
  • Reduce Birth Defects: Starving people have weak babies.
  • Reduce violence: Starving people are not happy people.
  • Increase hope: Starvation steals hope.
  • Increase Patriotism: A country that cannot feed its poor is not worth believing in.
  • Decrease the disenfranchised: A meal says the nation cares.
  • (I ask the reader to leave comments and grow this list)
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