Assault Weapons Ban is Constitutional.

Assault Weapons were banned on September 13, 1994. That ban was in existence for 10 years. No one challenged its constitutionality. The ban was allowed to expire by GW Bush and the Republican controlled congress.

The current debate over the constitutionality of an assault weapons ban is simply more GOP smoke and mirrors. The GOP and the NRA know it is constitutional. GOP congressmen also know that if they do not vote the party line, the Republican National Committee will fund an opponent  to defeat them in the next election.

The RNC is not elected yet they control who is. This is undermining democracy in America.

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2 thoughts on “Assault Weapons Ban is Constitutional.

  1. Jean Maurice

    It actually started in the 1930’s after the Valentine’s Day massacre with the ban on machine guns and sawing off shotguns so they could be hidden under clothing and put in violin cases.

    They banned what was available at the time and now we need to do the same.

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