Sarah Palin, a bullet list of CPAC’s Universe of Denial.

  • In Palin’s universe: Racism and Sexism do not exist. According to Palin, “Every one is guaranteed an equal opportunity at [sic] success.” “There are no Hispanic issues or African American issues or women’s issues only American issues.” “Amen Sista.” In the real world: The facts that dispute this are too numerous to list and too obvious for any informed rational person to ignore.
  • In Palin’s universe: “imagine government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” In the real world: The voice of the people is silenced when the majority vote democrat and the representation is GOP due to sleazy back alley politics of gerrymandering and voter rights suppression.
  • In Palin’s universe: The greatest lie liberals tell is that more Government is the way to realize this guarantee. In the real world: We fought a civil war before we could recognize all men as more than livestock, constitutional amendments to recognize women as voters,  Laws and on occasion, the national guard and federal marshals were required to enforce freedoms guaranteed by the constitution. All this is more government that the GOP opposes. If only “all men” are created equal, Sarah Palin would not be allowed to speak in public.
  • In Palin’s universe: GOP is for smaller government. In the real world: GOP rule resulted in unprecedented growth in government creating 2.5 million new government jobs from 2000 to 2008. GOP pushes for more government to create voter suppression, unwanted medically unnecessary medical procedures, and continued redistribution of wealth from the working class to the wealthy. The ways that the GOP pushes for more government intrusions are too numerous to mention.
  • In Palin’s universe:Constitution gives citizens absolute right to own any weapon. In the real world: Palin is not the US Supreme Court. Palin defies the constitution. Assault weapons ban existed for 10 years, 1994 to 2004 without one constitutional challenge.
  • In Palin’s universe:Obama should have background checked himself. In the real world: Obama’s background check revealed nothing that could be used against him so the GOP just made things up, not born in the USA, a “secret Muslim”, a closet socialist, etc. More background checks on Sarah Palin before becoming VP candidate may have put Senator McCain in the White House.
  • In Palin’s universe:Obama does not allow for conversation. In the real world: personal attacks like “all drama Obama” is the drama that stifles productive conversation.
  • In Palin’s universe:Obama created budget deficits. In the real world: after 8 years of constant increase, GOP polices turned $400 billion surplus into $1.2 Trillion in deficit . Obama reversed this reducing the deficit every year in office.
  • In Palin’s universe: Suffering in the mid west was created in 2008 when Obama took office. In the real world: 28 years of top down economics created 10.2% unemployment, stock market crash, and record disparity between the working class and the wealthy. Obama policies have dropped unemployment to 7.7%, restored the stock market to record highs, and continues to fight the attempts by GOP to go back to the policies that created the suffering in the mid west.
  • In Palin’s universe: Obama and Senate Democrats refuse to pass a budget. In the real world: Obama refused to break his promised priorities of rebuilding the middle class while Republican House and Republican filibustered Senate refuse to discuss anything other than continuing the previous 28 years of middle class destruction.
  • In Palin’s universe: Democrats do not respect the constitution: In the real world: US Constitution Article 1, section 7, clause 1 places the burden of a budget on the US House of Representatives. The Senate may only “propose or concur”, the president can only sign. No passable budget is the failure to the House to act.
  • In Palin’s universe: US Constitution Article 1, Section 9, Clause 7 says the Senate is not authorized to pay bills. In the real world: The much publicized “Debt Ceiling Debate” ended with a law authorizing bills to be paid in compliance with Article 1, Section 9, Clause 7.
  • In Palin’s universe: Obama created “too big to fail”. In the real world: The Government protection against this situation instituted by FDR and has been continually eroded prior to 2008. All attempts to reverse this trend have been filibustered in the senate and squashed by the GOP House. The GOP created “too big to fail” and continues to insist that the regulations necessary to reverse it is “big government that stifles growth.”
  • In Palin’s universe: Obama Phones and prophylactics. In the real world: federal subsidies for cell phones and fighting STD’s by giving access to condoms were begun way before 2008.
  • In Palin’s universe:GOP seeks to end “top down”. In the real world: Ryan budget is top down on steroids.
  • In Palin’s universe: Professionals are not needed to explain what needs to be done. In the real world: Facts tend to confuse Palin and friends.

To comment on Palin and CPAC necessitated I listen very closely to what is being said. This was painful to write.

The difference between lies and simply being mistaken is knowledge. If an individual is simply ignorant, mislead, or is unaware of the truth then misstatements can be called simple mistakes.

If to lie is to know the truth and conceal it with false, misleading statements and distortions I will defend Palin, I do not believe she lies, she is just mistaken.

Sarah Palin is the best example I have ever found of the failure to our educational system.

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