Sunshine Week. Two Reasons For Secrecy in Government.

First: Government is doing something that Americans would condemn. I will list 3 examples.

  1. President Eisenhower, together with British allies, secretly conducted a CIA operation which resulted in the overthrow of the Iranian government, installed a dictator worse than Saddam Hussein, paid millions in bribes to Iranian religious leaders, all to gain access to oil leaving the Iranian people in poverty and bloody tyranny. This is against ALL America stands for. Eisenhower, Kennedy, LBJ, and Ford kept it secrete. Carter exposed it and was ostracized for his openness.
  2. Richard Nixon secretly undermined the Paris peace talks extending the Vietnam war another 6 years in order to defeat LBJ in a presidential election. LBJ knew of Nixon’s actions and kept it secret rather than expose the fact that he learned it from illegal wire taps.
  3. GW Bush kept his sources secret during his disinformation campaign to convince Americans that invasion of Iraq was necessary. We now know that they were kept secret because they were, according to the intelligence community, unreliable. We also now know that these sources were giving false information. It appears GW Bush was attempting a repeat of Eisenhower’s actions.

Second: Making some information public would strengthen enemies and weaken America. I will list 3 examples.

  1. The plans for the Invasion of Normandy.
  2. The existence of Los Alamos National Laboratory during the Mahatten project.
  3. The current location of ballistic missile Nuclear Submarine force.

The second reason for government secrecy is unquestionable yet is used as a cover up for the first.

The Center for Effective Government (a freedom of Information Act watchdog) released a report on transparency last week, saying that the administration took “an impressive number” of steps to improve government transparency during its first term, but that national security remains a “glaring exception.”

Americans have every reason to be suspicious of government secrecy. The cooperation of the White House with the Senate National Security Committee is a good step. The transfer of the “Drone Program” from the CIA to the military needs to be accelerated. Controlled by the military the Senate can better oversee the use of Drones.

Also see my post on the “Drone Program”.

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One thought on “Sunshine Week. Two Reasons For Secrecy in Government.

  1. Rob

    Well written and thought-provoking. Thanks.

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