Wayne La Pierre Cries Foul!

The Nations top gun salesman is screaming foul about NY City mayor Bloomberg trying to “buy America”. This is can only be seen as foul if Wayne feels American is his, bought and paid for.

It appears to be true that the NRA has indeed claimed ownership of congress. Additionally in the past both the courts and the White House were in Wayne La Pierre’s pocket. It appears now that, maybe, it was only a lease and someone else is making a competitive bid.

Wayne does not respect Bloomberg’s 1st amendment rights to free speech. Nor does he respect the right to life of the over 3000 people killed by guns in the past 100 days. Nor does he respect the 2nd amendment responsibility of Congress to regulate the civilian militia.

Continually claiming that regulation will not “work”, Wayne must define “work” as a complete halt of gun death. If that is a good definition then he is correct. Other government actions such as DWI laws, safer highways, and other measures have not stopped traffic deaths, only reduced deaths from 50,000 a year to 30,000 a year saving some 20,000 lives last year.

If “gun regulation works” is defined by saving some lives, then he is dead wrong, maybe his own life will be saved, maybe mine. If congress does find it’s conscience they will save lives granting many innocents the right to continue to breath. This would not doubt be foul in the mind of Wayne La Pierre.

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