Gun Regulations Seek No Less than Preservation of Human Life and the Existance of a Free Society

The NRA tactic of changing the subject simply avoids productive debate. Here are 5 examples of the “change the subject” tactic.

First: Law abiding citizens have the right to keep and bare arms.  That is not what is being discussed. This is smoke and mirrors.

Limits being discussed would not remove the sidearm from your night stand, purse, or your car. The restrictions being discussed would not take away your hunting rifle or limit blood sport activities. There would be no limit on anyone’s right to protect themselves.

Limits being discussed would make it far more difficult for criminals to get guns.

Second:  Enforce the laws we already have. Criminal actions are allowed without breaking a law. This contradiction leaves the NRA endorsed laws unenforceable, just like the NRA wanted them.

This was clearly demonstrated in Indianapolis by a group of cowards whose presence at a peaceful gathering was to frighted children and intimidate moms. The true statement made by one of the group saying his action was legal shows that the laws do need to be changed.

His action violated the peaceful group’s right to assemble and their right to free speech. This is criminal and legal. Here is a link to the video.

Using fear and intimidation, others in Oregon have prevented State Senator Ginny Burdick from holding town hall meetings. She received threats of disruptions by gun carrying extremists that convinced her that the meeting would be futile. She said “They do not make life pleasant when they do that. They’re disruptive and rude, and I didn’t want to subject the students at Portland State to that kind of behavior.” The law in Oregon allows the carrying of firearms in these meetings.

Robbing students of their right to assemble is NOT protecting the constitution. Robbing the Senator of her right to free speech is NOT protecting the constitution. These people are NOT “patriots”, their actions are criminal. They have proven they should not be allowed to own firearms yet they have broken no law.

The above two examples show the contradiction in the law. Criminal actions are allowed because no law is broken. This contradiction leaves the NRA endorsed laws unenforceable, just like the NRA wanted them.

Third: the restrictions will not work.  Clearly removing all crime in America is not possible. No one claims that enforceable, consistent laws with stop all crime. However, inconvenient laws have indeed increased public safety in many areas.

One example: Open Container laws have reduced traffic deaths. The inconvenience of a sober individual not being allowed to transport a half bottle of wine in their car  has given law enforcement increased ability to limit drunk drivers on the highway. Because this inconvenient law does save lives it is a good law.

Fourth: Proposed regulations will make the exercising of ones rights more difficult. Consistent, enforceable laws will be less inconvenient to law abiding citizens than open container laws and will save lives. These will be good laws.

Fifth: The only reason to make a gun registry is to take them. First, no one is talking about a gun registry. Second, if a citizen is allowed to purchase a gun then proves they no longer should have a gun, such as diagnosed with mental disorder or felony conviction, the gun should be taken, a registry should be made but is not proposed.

The Change the Subject tactic has avoided the debate on the real threat to free society.

The main reason for tighter restrictions are the subversive anti-American groups calling themselves “patriots”, such as the white supremacist group called Aryan Brotherhood of Texas, ABT. Membership in ABT requires a felony conviction. These organizations are arming themselves using loopholes that make existing laws impotent.

A white supremest group felon member recently drove from Texas and assassinated a prison warden who moved to Colorado after leaving a job as a Huston prison warden.

Recently in Texas, a state with the least restrictions on guns, an Assistant District Attorney and the  District Attorney and his wife were assassinated while prosecuting 34 members of the ABT. These 34 convicted felons, who were released form custody after time served, are charged with further crimes that carry either possible  capitol punishment or life in prison.

The ABT is only one of many groups that threaten the safety and security of all Americans. These groups seek to destroy our free society.

The above threats to public safety are real and getting worse. When we have to send in the Army to fight these groups will the Army find they are out-gunned?

Laws supported by the NRA, unfortunately are so weak that they are unenforceable. Fact: The existing laws allow any felon that wants a gun to get one fast.

Our Law Enforcement Officers cannot enforce laws that do not exist. Prosecutors cannot prosecute legal crimes. Lead by the NRA, the main force against fixing this problem are those who profiteer from the destruction of all peaceful society.

This constant “Change the subject” tactic proves that there is no logical argument against the currently proposed gun regulations.

Where the right to keep and bare arms is for the protection of a free state, the lack of regulation threatens the free state. The value of these proposed regulations is no less than the value of human life, public safety, and the existence of a free society.

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2 thoughts on “Gun Regulations Seek No Less than Preservation of Human Life and the Existance of a Free Society

  1. Jeannie Maurice

    I heard a caller to Thomas Hartman say, if the right wants us to register to vote and show ID, the least we can so is the same thing for guns.

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