Ted Cruz led Senate Republicans Unite with North Korea, Syria, and Iran on Gun Control

United Nations vote on the first international treaty regulating the multibillion-dollar global arms trade, 154-3. The three against are North Korea, Syria, and Iran. Now that the United States stood with the world voting on global arms trade the US Senate finds opposition to this concept.

“This is a victory for the world’s people,” U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said. “The Arms Trade Treaty will make it more difficult for deadly weapons to be diverted into the illicit market. … It will be a powerful new tool in our efforts to prevent grave human rights abuses or violations of international humanitarian law.”

Notice please, no one expects this to completely stop all illicit market activity. This treaty is a tool assisting in preventing violence.

“Today’s victory shows that ordinary people who care about protecting human rights can fight back to stop the gun lobby dead in its tracks, helping to save countless lives,” said Frank Jannuzi, deputy executive director of Amnesty International USA.


Republican senators are ready to block ratification or the treaty. The powerful National Rifle Association gun industry lobby promised to fight against ratification. Several senators, mostly Republicans, quickly issued statements opposing the pact.

Does the NRA actually want private citizens to own Atom Bombs?

The Senate voted 53-46 on March 23 for a nonbinding amendment to its budget resolution calling for the treaty’s rejection. Supporters said they were worried it would infringe on U.S. gun rights. http://news.yahoo.com/u-n-arms-treaty-faces-rough-road-u-214841722.html

Senator Ted Cruz, siding with Iran, North Korea, and Syria, rejects the treaty on the grounds that not being able to participate in the illicit arms market will infringe on the sovereignty of the USA and infringe on the 2nd Amendment. http://1389blog.com/2013/04/04/sen-ted-cruz-opposes-ratification-of-un-small-arms-treaty/

In the above referenced radio interview Ted Cruz uses the “Change the Subject” tactic concerning “They are trying to take everyone’s guns away”.

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