Rand Paul Hides From Some Tough Issues, Distorts Others or Simply Contradicts all Logic. .

Part IV of the Rand Paul’s ignorance, deceit, and distortions. ( I am so tired of RP. this is the last on his Howard University Speech.)

When asked about which republican party he identifies with, the 19 century republicans or the post 1960’s republicans, Paul claims he is blind denying the party has changed. “I don’t see it”.

On the death penalty, Paul hides behind States rights. Refusing to take a stand he says each state needs to decide.

On Mandatory Prison sentences he claims they are “arbitrary”. Having every judge give the same sentence for the same crime is “arbitrary”? Each judge in every court doing things as they decide, that’s consistent? Paul makes no sense to me on this one.

Paul does call for ending prison sentences for most non-violent offenses. I do agree with this one. It is unfortunate that Paul’s party refuses to allow anything good to come out of the Senate.

On voting rights Paul makes a fool of himself claiming the republican party is for voting rights pointing out republican actions pre-1950. Is he ignorant of the facts or does he feel that these students are ignorant?

On rights of District Of Columbia representation he claims that since DC is supported by Federal Government DC needs Federal oversight. Even when corrected, DC residents pay more in taxes  to the Federal Government than they receive in Federal programs he held to denying this democratic dominated representation.

Paul points to the decline in education, ignoring the direct result of “No child left behind”, and calls for further destruction of Public Education.

On the environment he blames excessive protection of the environment and excessive government regulation for slow growth in the economy. Is he not aware of the direct correlation of the eroding of regulation and the cycles of rescission over the past 35 years or does he feel these students are ignorant and will just accept what he says as authoritative?

Rand Paul needs to either go back to eye surgery or go back to school, or both. His audience was much better informed than he was. His audience is much more qualified to be in the Senate than he is.

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One thought on “Rand Paul Hides From Some Tough Issues, Distorts Others or Simply Contradicts all Logic. .

  1. Jeannie Maurice

    He will always be an idiot.

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