“There are more men ennobled by study than by nature.” Marcus Tullius Cicero

John Stewart: “The thing about a moral compass is if you take it out and check it from time to time you don’t have to wait for history to tell you your heading in the wrong direction.”

This is wisdom for sure, in an ideal world it would be that simple.

Captain Jack Sparrow had a compass that did not point north. It pointed to the hart’s deepest desires. For each person that held the compass, it pointed a different direction. This is how the undisciplined moral compass leads.

In a free society each may follow their own path according to their own moral compass or simply follow someone else. That is why freedom is so problematic. Rarely do you find two moral compasses that point the same way.

The moral compass must be calibrated. Cicero recognized this and admonishes us to seek enlightenment through study. This is why education in a free society is paramount.

When selecting leadership we must ask “in what direction is the candidates moral compass calibrated?” It is by this we can know in what direction they will lead the country.

A few examples:

  • Mitt Romney tells us his compass setting when he stated “When I was younger I thought that being rich and famous would make me happy. Boy was I right.”
  • Paul Ryan tells us his compass is set by Ayn Rand.
  • Barack Obama tells us his compass setting when he developed his values by the example of lives lead by his mother and his grandmother.
  • Rand Paul demonstrates his compass setting when he supported the lunch counter owners refusal to serve blacks.

Each of these people leads by their moral compass. Each one leads in a different direction. The truth does come out.

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