USA Must Learn to Stay Away From Other Peoples Civil Wars.

The USA fought its civil war. It was a brother against brother blood bath. The wounds from that took generations to close leaving deep scars. Over 150 years have past and the scars have not yet begun to fade.

That is the price of Civil War. “The sins of the fathers will be visited on the 6th, even the 7th generation.” This is not “retribution of God”. This is inheriting the world as the forefathers crafted it.

The healing in America is the direct result of the power of peace: More peace, more healing.

No one could have told the USA not to fight the American civil war. This inhumanity was a step in the evolution of freedom. No one can tell Syria not to fight itself.

Syria is Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan all rolled into one.

In Korea and Vietnam, communists supported one side the USA supported the other. This balance of power created a hell for the people of Korea and Vietnam. Foreign involvement caused much suffering with no positive result. When foreign influences left, Vietnam healed. Foreign influences have yet to leave Korea.

In Iraq, the Anti-Saddam groups provided the USA false intelligence to give GW Bush his excuse to invade Iraq and win their war for them. The involvement of foreign powers in Iraq has lead to suffering and death on a scale far beyond the actions of the bloody tyrant, Saddam Hussein.

The Syrian rebel forces would, no doubt, like us to win their war for them. The Syrian rebel forces consist people fighting for freedom and of varied terrorist groups fighting for their turn to oppress.

It is entirely possible that the terrorists are using Chemical weapons on those who fight for freedom and blaming the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad thus tempting the USA to act.

This has given President Obama an “excuse” to give military aid to the terrorists as was done in Afghanistan. The USA supported the Taliban against the Soviet invasion. Our involvement will not stop the terrorists in Syria any more than it stopped the terrorists in Afghanistan.

As in Korea and Vietnam, communists support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the USA supports the opposition.

The application of US Military power has not solved anything since the Nazi party was removed from power in Germany and the Emperor of Japan surrendered. Peace lasting 2 generations, not bombs, brought down the Berlin Wall. More peace results in more healing which results in more peace.

The only just action for the USA is peaceful. The power Obama wields is the power to provide humanitarian aid and ease the pain Syria is inflicting upon itself. This pain is no different than the pain caused by the American Civil War.

I encourage all to walk in peace. Ease the pain of those who feel they must fight, kill, and die. Peace must start somewhere. Is America strong enough to start the peace or is America so weak that all we can do is go to war?

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