NRA continues to edit the constitution and change the subject.

The strategy is simple. Quote 4 words from the 2nd amendment and change the Subject.

Wayne La Pierre, Sarah Palin, and Ted Cruz continue to avoid the subject and poison the debate. Feigning righteous indignation, they promise to keep the “evil” US government, our chosen elected leadership sworn to protect and defend the constitution, from taking away our constitutional rights.

Wayne La Pierre continually claims a fictitious non existent group called “they” are out to get Americans and he is out to protect Americans, making the NRA a protector of democracy. This is the tune of every dictator the world has ever seen, create a fictitious enemy to rally masses to his support. 90% of Americans disagrees yet he continues to ignore the facts.

The NRA speeches change the subject from much needed regulation and claims that a fictitious “they” are after the rights of the citizens. The repetition of the false claims that “they” are trying to take away all guns from law abiding citizens poisons the dialog and eliminates rational discussion of common sense regulations.

Ted Cruz edits the constitution, eliminating the “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, “. This editing has created great insecurity of a free America. With no enforceable regulations on possession of deadly force, America has become number one in gun deaths and mass murders. Fact, gun deaths in America in a typical year surpass death in any war, American is not a safe place.

The gun industry profit line is the only concern remaining for the NRA. Promoting more guns is promoting more gun deaths. NRA simply supports profits over life.

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