John Boehner asks “who is going to jail”. John Boehnner is my first pick.

IRS Acted in a Politically Partisan Abuse of Power, and Dog Bites Man!

This is not news. News would be “IRS Acts in a Fair Non-Partisan Manor” and “Man Bites Dog!” This IRS abuse of power has been used by the Republican party for decades. John Boehner was in a position of power to act and refused. He is guilty.

From the persecution of the NAACP to many churches that spoke out against the war mongering republicans in congress, the IRS history of targeting tax exempt organizations that oppose the republican party is well documented. The new twist is the the republican party is now subject to the abuse of power that has aided them for decades.

Maybe Obama can stop this abuse. Maybe, since the republicans are on the other side of the abuse, the republicans will now be willing to recognize this is not a good thing.

Stopping this abuse will require implementation of exactly the type of congressional regulations that big banks, big oil, and big PAC’s should be subject too. For this reason I see little hope for any real action by congress. The guilty still have a majority in the US House of Representatives.

The “destroy the country and blame it on Obama” republican congressional crowd will not act beyond ensuring the country declines while Obama is in office.

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