What Part of “Ongoing Benghazi Investigation” is So Confusing?

First impressions rarely match final conclusions. In any investigation, as new facts are uncovered, the impressions of what the truth might be will change. Only until all facts are revealed can the truth be confidently stated. Prior to all facts being revealed, accusations against anyone are unfounded and irresponsible.

“Ongoing Investigation” explicitly implies that the truth is not known. The current smoke and mirrors assault by the republican party is simply “destroy Obama” at it’s worst. This refusal to enter into rational discussion is extremely harmful to America. The republican effort to gain political advantage from the death of 4 Americans is reprehensible, they disgrace themselves and the country.

The morning after the Benghazi attack, President Obama indicated that it looked like terrorism. A statement that “this is a terrorist attack” would have been premature and irresponsible.

UN Ambassador Susan Rice, in an effort to be transparent, keeping the country updated on the what was known, spoke about the first impression of what happened in Benghazi. Ambassador Rice carefully prefaced everything she said with the fact that she was conveying a first impression. She clearly stated that there was an “ongoing investigation”. Accusing a terrorist group, or anyone else, before facts were established would have been irresponsible.

Complete investigations take time. Large investigations involve many investigators. As facts were uncovered the meaning of the facts was discussed between the investigators and impressions changed. As the investigation continued, the facts uncovered indicated terrorist actions resulting in a change of the impressions of what happened in Benghazi.

The republican “destroy Obama” crowd does not wish to accept the above truth. In seeking to discredit the president they are disgracing America. Their refusal to enter any positive, productive, or honest discussion is harming the entire country.

The republican destroy America crowd in congress is trying to say that the changes of impressions is the result of a “cover up”. They refuse to recognize the simple truth that the sharing of information as the investigation continued and impressions changed was total transparency.

Ambassador Susan Rice, unlike former secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former president GW Bush, and former Vice President Dick Channey who knowingly lied about WMD’s in Iraq, Ambassador Rice clearly stated that the information she had was not conclusive and more information would be forthcoming as the ongoing investigation continued. The republican persecution is completely unfounded for political gain.

The Republican party clearly does not want to discuss gun control, their refusal to act to help the economy, or any other issue that is pressing and could result in a stronger, safer country. Their stated mission is to ensure that the country declines while Obama is in office. This is Anti-American. This is why I will never vote for any republican.

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