Republican Party seeks to avoid productive debates they can not win.

Misdirection tactics from the “Destroy America and Blame it on Obama” Republicans.

The three most predominate issues facing congress are NOT:

  1. IRS examinations of non-profits.
  2. The terrorist attack on our embassy in Benghazi.
  3. Information gathering of the Justice department concerning the Associated Press.

The pretense that the above issues are a creation of the current administration shows a revisionist history typical of the republican agenda. These issues are neither new nor minor. These practices are well documented throughout American history. They are entrenched in government bureaucracy. There is no current discussion on how to correct anything. All discussion is simply “pin it on Obama”. Productive debate would include:

  1. Productive debate would include the attacks by the IRS on the NAACP and many churches that spoke out and preach against  invading Iraq. At that time the Republican Party controlled the House, the Senate, the Presidency, and the US Supreme Court. At that time congress was silent.
  2. Productive debates would include proposed improvements in policy and practice that lead to 363 people killed in Beirut, Lebanon in 1983 and the hundreds killed in dozens of terrorist attacks on US embassies since. The debate must include examination of the Millions of dollars cut from embassy security budgets over the past 4 years by the republican lack of budgets.
  3. Productive debate would include the damage to American civil rights created by the so called “Patriot Act”.

The call upon the American people to express “outrage against Obama” without productive debate on these long time issues is simply misdirection from the real issues contained in the Obama agenda. Republican party opposes the American people and the US Constitution and refuses any substantial debate that they know they can not win.

Real issues which would result in a stronger, safer, and free America include:

  1. The Economy. The Republican controlled house has defeated every attempt at job creation claiming that investing in America is fiscally irresponsible.
  2. Immigration reform.
  3. Voters Rights.
  4. Health Care for all Americans.
  5. Unconstitutional state laws denying women’s health care, especially for the poor.
  6. US defense spending which exceeds that of the 8 top spending nations combined. 
  7. The war in Syria and what our involvement would really mean in the long run.
  8. Corruption of the electoral system by gerrymandering and Super PACs.
  9. Gun Control supported by nearly every US President as far back as the 1800’s and currently supported by over 90% of the American People is a debate that the current Republican Party is avoiding at all costs.

Feel free to add to the above list of issues we could be addressing if we were not bombarded by the misdirection by the “destroy America and blame it on Obama” mentality of the current Republican Party.

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