50 years ago today, Medgar Evers was murdered.

Last May, it was discovered that 3 missing women in Cleveland had been held in chains, beaten, abused, imprisoned, in short enslaved for 10 years.

I see only 2 major differences between the actions of this man in Cleveland and the enslavement of the black race in America.

  1. First it did not last only 10 years, it lasted for generations.
  2. Second it was socially acceptable practice.

To anyone, the current head of the NRA for instance, who calls the American Civil War a war of northern aggression, is at best ignorant, but most likely, this is one who feels the kidnapping and enslavement of human beings, rape, murder, human trafficking, etc. is something that should not have been opposed. This is one who views opposition of such things is unjustifiable. This is one who feels the confederacy had the right to do this to people.

This is the inability to recognize a human when you see one. This is the bigotry that the majority of Mississippi residents possessed in Medgar Evers day. This is what he opposed. This is what cost him his life, his wife her husband, and his children their father. This is the cancerous bigotry that remains today.

This is why the courage of Medgar Evers should be remembered, honored, and emulated today.

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One thought on “50 years ago today, Medgar Evers was murdered.

  1. Jeannie

    Excellent post!

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