Free to Live as the Texas Government Dictates.

In complete disregard for the Bill of Rights and everyone with different opinions, Governor Perry stated  “Freedom of religion doesn’t mean freedom from religion.”

According to Governor Perry the Bill of Rights, Freedom of religion in particular, means government is free to tell Americans to follow his religion. People are not free to choose, the government is free to dictate. 

Freedom’s guaranteed under the Bill of Rights are limits on government and secular majorities to protect minorities from tyranny. Perry’s statements are simply pandering to a bigoted minority in Texas. (GOP wonders why minorities don’t like them)

His statements are made in a support of legislation allowing Government funds to be spent promoting his religion. Such actions have been settled in the US Supreme Court which is the only Constitutional place to interpret the Bill of Rights.

Governor Perry and friends are clearly Anti-Bill of Rights, Anti-Constitution, Anti-Freedom, and Anti-American.

The number of minorities in Texas that historically do not vote could easily swing Texas from the bigoted right to the freedoms supported by the left. The sooner all Texans learn to exercise their voting rights, the sooner this type of disregard and disrespect of the Bill of Rights will end.

Where the right is working hard to prevent minorities from voting thus silencing the voice of the people, the left is working hard to get minorities to the polls and thus let the voice to the people to be heard. The right wing feels justified robbing citizens of their voting rights do to a belief that minorities are not people.

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