Governor Martinez Leading NM to be the “Worst State to Be a Child”, keeping Government out of our lives.

Reported by NBC, New Mexico is the worst state to be a child.

The “Blame the economy” argument denies Republican Governor Susana Martinez of the credit she deserves. The economy sucks in Mississippi, Alabama, and everywhere else but thanks to Susana Martinez New Mexico is sinking fastest.

Hear is a short list of some of the major accomplishments toward keeping government out of our lives by New Mexico republican Governor Susana Martinez thus making New Mexico the worst state to be a child.

Gov. Martinez vetoed a raise in minimum wage passed by the democratic legislature which helped New Mexico lead the nation in lowest median income beating out Alabama. Her Veto kept government out of private business.,2,20-29,3,30-39,4,40-49,5,50-52,6-9/false/867,133,38,35,18/any/365

Gov. Martinez increased the Percentage of children in poverty from 25% to 31%, keep up the good work, Mississippi only grew from 29% to 32%, New Mexico is catching up.,2,20-29,3,30-39,4,40-49,5,50-52,6-9/false/867,133,38,35,18/any/321,322

Gov. Martinez increased children in NM at 200% below poverty level growing it from 51% to 57% while MS grew from 54% to 58%. Keep up the good work, NM will no doubt catch up with continued efforts by the republican governor.,2,20-29,3,30-39,4,40-49,5,50-52,6-9/false/867,133,38,35,18/any/329,330

Gov Martinez for excludes 62% of children ages 3 and 4 in NM from preschool, MS only excludes 50%. Keep the government out of early childhood development helps create high school dropouts.,2,20-29,3,30-39,4,40-49,5,50-52,6-9/false/995,932,757,470,116/any/14230,14231

Gov. Martinez education policy helps lead the Nation in High School drop outs. 9% of ages 16 to 19 are not in school and not graduates. MS could only manage to convince 6% to drop out.,2,20-29,3,30-39,4,40-49,5,50-52,6-9/false/867,133,38,35,18/any/380,381

Gov. Martinez is not moving toward implementation of the Medicare expansion helping NM maintain 13% of NM children without access to health care. MS could only manage to deprive 12% of their children health care. Here Gov. Martinez keeps government out of health care.

The Republican agenda is alive an well with republican Governor Martinez in office. Keeping government out of our early childhood development, health care, fair wages laws, while giving billionaire industries huge tax breaks is having the desired result: NEW MEXICO IS THE WORST STATE TO BE A CHILD.

Susana Martinez says she cares about children, the most vulnerable citizens, but her actions as governor tell a different story.



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