Ohio Rapists.

Penetration of the vagina, no matter how slight, with any object, without the consent of the women, is legally defined as Rape.

Ohio State legislature passed a law yesterday that forces a woman to submit to a trans-vaginal ultrasound before she can have access to health care. Simply put, submit to rape or no health care. Not only are women being legally required to submit to rape, they must pay for it.

Ohio Governor¬†John Kasich, aka “governor ultrasound”, has the opportunity to veto rape. By Monday we will know whether or not Governor Kasich is a rapist like the republican legislature that made rape a requirement of law.

“Christian” values?

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5 thoughts on “Ohio Rapists.

  1. Nuttshell

    Truly astounding. I’m not sure I even understand this. If a woman suspects she’s pregnant she has to pay for an ultrasound, instead of health care?

    • If she and her doctor decide to terminate the pregnancy she must first submit to a having a prob in her vagina and pay the cost.

  2. Interesting connection. I agree and it makes me angry. Stay out of women’s vaginas, GOP.

  3. BeckyK

    Nothing Christian about it. Men want power over women. We are not people–we are PROPERTY to the GOP.

    • The right wing bigots view is one thing. Most men do recognize a human being when they see one. Please don’t just say “men”. That would be a failure to recognize those who do not share the views of those that don’t.

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