Rand Paul and friends: LGBT community are animals.

Since the LGBT community can marry, all animals can?

By striking down DOMA, the SCOTUS defined the LGBT community as “persons”  entitled to protections under the XIV amendment. The SCOTUS did not define animals as persons. The right wing bigots, like Rand Paul and friends claim that the ruling allows for marriage to animals heavily infers that the LGBT community are animals.

State marriage laws very from state to state. The age of consent varies from 18 to 21. Many states wave any age requirement under special circumstance such as pregnancy or birth of a child. Under age can require parental consent, the consent of a judge, or both.


The main point is that marriage is always defined as a union between two people. The only restriction named concerns age. Animals do not have the right to marry in any state. (they can’t say “I do” nor can they sign a marriage license.)

In Rand Paul’s state of Kentucky, no minimum age for marriage is stated by law. Under 18 must have both parental consent and the approval of a Judge. But both parties must be human.

Sorry Rand Paul and friends, the  the LBGT community has finally been officially included in the protections of the XIV amendment and defined as “persons”. Animals have not.

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One thought on “Rand Paul and friends: LGBT community are animals.

  1. Nuttshell

    As usual the idiot brigade is making their outrageous comparisons to get people all worked up for no reason.

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