Another Child Murdered. Reckless Discharge of a Gun.

Out to celebrate the fourth of July, shots were fired into the air. Responsible discharge of a gun is knowing where every bullet is going to stop. This murderer went to bed happy, not knowing that his bullet stopped in a 7 year old child’s head.

“Guns are an abomination. all hand guns should be banned and a license should be required to own a hunting rifle”, Richard Nixon. Tricky Dick, who murdered well over 200,000 people in South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, including over 50,000 young American Men, was at least against Americans murdering Americans in America.

The lack of Character shown by the Republican House and the Republican filibustered Senate is directly responsible for over 12,000 murders and suicides ever year. For the protection of those who suffer from depression and the innocent children in America, action must be taken.

Congress could make America a much safer place to live. Congress should, but congress won’t. Republicans, fill up with the full measure of your guilt.

Protect the ENTIRE 2nd amendment. “A well regulated…shall not be infringed.” Refusal to live up to their duty has deprived this child of his right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. The most vulnerable among us, our children, need a congress with some measure of character.

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One thought on “Another Child Murdered. Reckless Discharge of a Gun.

  1. Jean Maurice

    Unbelievable stupidity.

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