Is Eric Snowden a whistle blower or is he a spy?

Not all facts and details are not generally known outside of congress. Since the pursuit of Eric Snowden has both Democrat and Republican support, a very scary situation, I find I must yield my opinion to that of congress, an even scarier situation.

The shear volume of information strongly indicates he did not even read everything that he leaked. The indiscriminate publishing of information shows Eric Snowden did not care who he hurt or who he helped.

There are 2 reasons for government secrecy.

  1. Making the information public would harm America. Such as the names and/or whereabouts of under cover operatives who are infiltrating terrorist groups.
  2. The government activities are illegal. Such as in Iran-Contra where Ronald Reagan was required by law to stay out of Central America yet supplied arms to the Contra-revolutionary forces funding this by selling arms to our enemies in Iran. Reagan’s defense: “I don’t remember”.

If Eric Snowden leaked information concerning legitimate government activities damaging America’s defense against terrorism, then he is a spy.

If Eric Snowden leaked information concerning wrongdoing by the government then he is a whistle blower.

The information leaked contained both types of information. Some of the government activities were, if not outright illegal, were indeed highly questionable. Other information leaked concerned legitimate operations and did indeed harm the governments efforts to protect America. 

A “whistle blower” would have read what he leaked. Eric Snowden is no hero and demonstrated no love for America.

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