Somebody really smart told me God agrees with what I wish was true. There for I am right and you are wrong.

If you have no sense of humor, please leave. This addresses stupidity.

The more ignorant the argument, the more difficult it is to respond intelligently.

The “God said so” argument requires no thought, study, reason, logic, or intelligence. Nor does this opinion require any actual study of the religion being professed. Intelligent discussion with someone with this opinion, or if you prefer, faith, is not possible.

This argument is historically and presently the most common argument of those seeking to oppress others. This argument is prevalent from Kansas to Pakistan. Oppression based solely on this argument affects all facets of life.

The “God said so” argument is the reason for the first Amendment which establishes freedom from religion. (the phrase “freedom of religion” does not exist in the US Constitution)

Article [I]

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The 1st amendment protects each individuals right to talk about, write about, and congregate peacefully whatever faith the individual chooses. The US Constitution also creates the SCOTUS to address petitions for redress of grievances as a guaranteed right.

The “God said so” argument has been and is presently used to justify actions ranging from the crusades (attempted genocide of the Muslims), the continuing war against Israel (attempted genocide of Jews), to Jihad (attempted genocide of everyone who is not Muslim).

The “God said so” argument is now and has always been the basis for the fight in America against Women’s reproductive rights. Laws protecting sperm have been proposed necessitating the discussion begin there.

From the Sanctity of sperm to termination of pregnancy prior to 24 weeks, thought is not involved in this type of oppression. An intelligent response is therefore very difficult and I apologize in advance. Here is my attempt.

Sanctity of Sperm. The healthy adult male creates from 70 million to 150 million sperm per day. If Adulthood averaged 40 years 21.9 trillion sperm die during a lifetime. Even Brigham Young, try as he might “because God said so”, with 16 wives, only managed to create 56 children with only 46 of them reaching adulthood. Whether you believe that this system evolved over many millennium or was spoken into existence by God, it is clear that sperm are meant to die.

If sperm is not to be wasted, what about the sanctity of an egg?: Every effort must be made to ensure an egg does not go unfertilized? After 3,000,000 sperm (a normal result per attempt) are placed in the female reproductive system daily, as is common with a couple trying to conceive. It is not uncommon for conception to occur in 1 attempt. (only 3 million sperm died trying.) Also, it is not uncommon for 2 years to pass before conception occurs. (2.19 billion sperm died trying). This is due to the fact that, unlike other mammals, human females do not show outward signs of being ready to conceive thus encouraging humans to mate every day. (Proof that God wants us to be happy?)

The plot sickens thickens sickens. How evil is surgical sterilization, the ultimate birth control?

Surgical Sterilization: This practice was once performed involuntarily on women in Europe to treat a medical diagnosis of “Hysteria”. The symptoms of Hysteria were mainly an attempt by a women to voice an opinion.

Involuntary, court ordered sterilization continued in America until 2003 as sited in this North Carolina example of a 13 year old black victim of rape. By law, a five member panel decided that this child be forced to carry the pregnancy to term “because God said so” or faith if you prefer, give the child up for adoption, then due to faith in science, Eugenics, be sterilized to prevent her from producing more welfare recipients. The Doctors followed the order and sterilized this child. This child only learned of the surgical mutilation after she was an adult, married and wondering why she was not having children. 7,600 others, male and female, in 31 states were mutilated due to faith in their religion and their faith in science.

Previous to surgery young women pregnant out of wedlock were simply burned alive in the town square to prevent witchcraft from spreading, stoned in the public square, or left to starve on the street, the later being current practice world wide.

Sterilization is voluntary for men and women. This interference in the natural order is a choice to waste both sperm and eggs. Should it also be outlawed “because God said so”?

Next: implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterus. There is no data on how often a fertilized egg fails to implant in the uterus. A study of this would be very interesting. Fertility clinics do identify this as a cause of infertility. It does happen, naturally, without interference and thus is part of the system, or the plan if you prefer. Since a ripe egg is released every 28 days, a woman who did not get pregnant after 28 days is guilty killing an egg? Guilty of abortion? In the Yanomamo tribes of the Amazon jungle it is very rare for a woman to have more than 1 period in her lifetime. Her first period is usually her last as she is pregnant and/or nursing a child for the rest of her life. This is natural, or if you prefer, as God intended.

Should women be required to be continually pregnant? Must then that first wasted egg be prevented? The US Constitution does protect us from religion. Prevention of wasting this first egg, regardless of the child’s wishes, is defined as statutory rape and/or child molestation. (If girls were aloud to take the place of alter boys, would birth control be mandatory?)

Next, Actual pregnancy as defined as a fertilized egg growing in the womb forming a fetus. This is the stage of the reproductive cycle Roe v Wade applies to. This SCOTUS ruling established both the rights of pregnant women and rights of the fetus under the US Constitution. Ruling that until the fetus is sufficiently developed to live without the mother, the mother has the choice, medically determined to be 24 weeks. After 6 months, the fetus has rights if and only if the fetus is actually a complete human being. (such as if the fetus has no brain, or no skull, etc. the woman would not be required by law to give birth to a dead baby.)

Since the “Because God said so” argument varies from person to person this argument is no more than personal opinion, or if you prefer, faith. The 1st Amendment protects us from oppressive laws based solely upon such personal opinions.

The US Constitution protects all faiths. Faiths ranging from the one who’s faith demands the sanctity of sperm be respected to the one who’s faith demands that each women choose. Each faith limited solely to the free exercise that does not deny others free exercise. 

Bottom line: Beyond the protection of all, the government has no right to dictate which faith one must follow.

PS Yes, I did have too much time on my hands today.

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