Rand Paul: “Wearing a Confederate flag mask is no more serious than smoking pot”


To put it in perspective, consider this.

On May 6, 2013, three women from Cleveland, Ohio — Amanda BerryGeorgina “GinaDeJesus, and Michelle Knight—were rescued from captivity in a Cleveland house owned by Ariel Castro. Knight had disappeared in Cleveland in 2002 at age 21, Berry in 2003 at age 16, and DeJesus in 2004 at age 14.[3] A six-year-old daughter of Berry, fathered by Castro, was also rescued

Does anyone think that this is something to laugh and make jokes about? If someone did wear a sign about how cool it is to do such things what would you think?

The only difference between the kidnapper Ariel Castro and slavery is that in the confederacy this was socially acceptable behavior and it lasted for generations, not just 11 years.

Kidnapping a person from their village on another continent, taking them in chains to be sold to the highest bidder for whatever purpose the buyer wanted. Legalizing this continuing practice for generations is what the Confederate flag stands for. 600,000 lives were lost in the war that ended this.

Now how is supporting the confederacy like smoking pot?

Rand Paul supports this bigotry. Rand Paul sees no problem with it. Rand Paul believes it himself. Rand Paul would obviously reinstate the practice if he could.


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