Ted Cruz and Rand Paul lie about the IRS

In recent television advertisements Rand Paul and Ted Cruz lie, claiming that the IRS is being used by President Obama to attack conservatives. For that reason, These two claim the IRS should be abolished. This is the new best example of the “Destroy America and blame Obama” campaign.

After allegations of wrong doing were falsely reported to the American people as fact, threats were made against IRS employees. Speaker of the House John Boehnner, for example, stated “What I want to know is who is going to jail”.

These allegations were investigated by the Republican House of Representatives. During the investigation Darrel Issa continuously repeated allegations as facts. Darrel Issa (R) lead investigation established the following fact.

FACT: All organizations with political sounding names, conservative and liberal, received close scrutiny when applying for tax exempt status as charitable organizations. The IRS did their job in a fair and responsible manor.

Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are counting on there being enough ignorant Americans to support this false attack.

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