Killing in the streets is lawlessness. Dueling was more civilized.

True or false: If everyone is carrying guns then every dispute will turn into a killing.

Wyatt Earp knew the result of an armed population. He witnessed it first hand. He implemented a “no guns in town” ordinance. If someone refused to turn over their firearms he took it, often from their cold dead hand. In addition, shooting an unarmed man was a cowardly murder.

Do you remember when concealed carry permits were being debated? Do you remember that law enforcement warned what it would lead to? Simple disagreements would escalate into fatal confrontations.

Concealed carry permits were issued and we have arrived.  More guns = more killing. Unless you feel that killing is a good thing, guns have to go. Zimmerman is only one case of many. America is not safer because of guns.

In the case referenced below, teens were playing loud music in their car at a gas station. Rude to be sure, but worthy of summery execution? Somehow an annoyance turns into a fatality. This is a direct result of guns. No gun = no fatality.

This is the society gun advocates have created. We have forgotten the lessons learned 200 years ago. Law and order requires less finite ways for settling differences. Less deadly force = less killing.

If you are truly Pro-Life, anti-guns must follow.

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