How dark is the life in which the bigot does walk? How painful the beacon of light?

The human race inflicts most of it’s suffering upon itself. The false concepts of racism, nationalism, and religion are the foundations of WAR. The results are more painful and cause more suffering than any decease or greed. These create starvation in a world of plenty, and prevent peace, destroy love, and eliminate joy.

ALL of the “founding fathers” of this country signed off on a constitution that counted all women as too dim witted to vote, black men as 3/5ths of a human too inferior to be counted as people, Native Americans as not human, Asians as expendable labor imported as beasts of burden to build the railways then die, Hispanics as sub-human, and all the poor as simply “unwashed masses” to be controlled.

Ignorance is the disease that perpetuates these myths. Proof of this ignorance was demonstrated today.

DanRieht tweeted: “If you ever had any doubts, Obama is the first raciest in chief”.

Right Scoop tweeted: “If Obama came in my neighborhood I would lock my car doors too”

These and other like them prove that racism is still strong in the SA. With such division, can I call America the USA?

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