The disease is poverty. The symptom is government subsidized labor force.

“Definition of “Riches” is the savings of many in the hands of one.” Ambrose Bierce, paraphrased.

Workers who receive a days wage for a days work can and will, feed, clothe, and house their family, seek care when they are sick and save a little.  This is not poverty. This is life.

The workers who do not receive a days wage for the days work must choose which necessities of life to survive without, never have an opportunity to save and watch the sick suffer and die. This is poverty.

The workers are entitled to their wages. Failure of the employer to pay a worker a days wage for a days work is the cause of poverty.

Employers in America enjoy a work force that is subsidized by the government and thus see no need to pay a fair wage.

  • The work force is feed by SNAP, (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, aka food stamps),
  • they receive care for the sick with medicaid and subsidized emergency care,
  • Without savings, they survive on unemployment insurance during times of no work available,
  • They are housed by section 8 and other subsidized housing programs.

In this way the taxpayer subsidizes the profits of the Walmart family (who’s worth is over $100 billion), McDonald’s corporation, KFC, Burger King, Wendy’s, and many others. These highly profitable corporations accumulate their wealth by the enforced misery of their workers whose survival depends on government assistance.

Welfare programs are a symptom of poverty created by corporate greed.

The cure is to pay a days wage for a days work. This is the moral and just solution. This would greatly reduce government expenditures for SNAP, Section 8, and medicaid.

$11 per hour may not support a family. A couple together making $22 per hour will. Now is the time to reduce government spending by increasing the minimum wage.

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One thought on “The disease is poverty. The symptom is government subsidized labor force.

  1. I thought your piece on poverty was pretty good. I would add to that something about the criminal behavior of the corporate world general (I don’t think all corporations are necessarily criminal, but the majority are) in that while criticizing the working stiff for his meager subsidies, they depend on the taxpayer to subsidize them when they run into the inevitable periodic failures of capitalism.

    I have a mailing list I send these out to every week or two, and I would be happy to add your name if you send me your email address at:

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