Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz: Destroy America and blame it on Obama.

Ted Cruz’s threat to “shut down the Government” is no less than an another assault against the middle class and the poor, 98% of Americans. Ted Cruz and friends are completely sold out to big money.


An estimated 900,000 lost jobs over the course of the Republican sequester was not enough. All efforts to pass job creating legislation has been thwarted by republicans.

In a continuing assault against efforts to bring access to health care to all Americans, Ted Cruz and friends threaten to ensure that no funding of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will be included in the budget. According to Ted Cruz, if this will not pass it is Obama’s fault as would be the resulting shut down of government.

If your mad at the government, shutting them down may sound funny but think again. Is putting every hard working public servant out of work funny? Unemployment is not high enough already? Adding 2% or more to the unemployment rate is not a joke.

Denying heath care, especially women’s health care under the thinly veiled disguise of being Pro-Life, republicans have shut down clinics that provide cancer screenings, prenatal care, STD testing, crisis counseling and many other services to the middle class and poor. This effort to eliminate access to health care is strongest in Texas. Ted Cruz is proud of his destruction of health care to 98% of America. He spins this assault as being a “champion for the people”.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is designed to increase availability to health care. By slashing insurance company’s obscene profit margin to 15%, it is designed to make health care affordable to most and provide government subsidies to those who still cannot afford care. This in turn reduces the need for medicaid and subsidized emergency room care.

Cutting insurance company profits to 15% and reducing the number of medicaid patients shrinks cost of health care, shrinks the cost of medicaid, shrinks the size of government by shifting medical care to the private sector by making former medicaid recipients insurance company customers.

Obama has eliminated over 200,000 government jobs shrinking the bloat in the size of government inherited from GW Bush. The runaway growth in the size of government was GW’s failed attempt to artificially depress the unemployment rate as his policies destroyed the private sector’s ability to create jobs. Ted Cruz and friends seek to halt this economic recovery. The private sector is working hard to grow. It cannot grow without consumerism.

Business must have customers. If public servants no longer have a paycheck they are no longer customers, business will suffer greatly. In addition the Federal deficit will grow as government employees will no longer have income and thus will not be taxpayers. Also, SNAP, medicaid, unemployment insurance payments, and subsidized housing costs will grow. This is no problem or concern for 1% of America yet devastating to the shrinking middle class and the growing number in poverty.

After dozens of attempts to thwart increased access to medical care, Ted Cruz and friends seek to further the interest of the 1% while increasing the strife of the 98%.

Republican Battle Plan: Destroy America and Blame it on Obama.

Who are the supporters of this destroy America battle plan?

  • Health Insurance Companies ( Profit margin cut from 50+% to 15% by the Affordable Care Act)
  • Big Oil (Obama has pushed hard to end federal subsidies to big oil and development of alternative energies.)
  • Wall Street (Obama supported regulations which protect personal savings from speculators who make millions from losing other peoples money)
  • Mega Billionaires like the Walmart family (Obama calls for a raise in minimum wage. Obscene wealth created by minimum wage poverty employees now exceeds the combined wealth of 40% of Americans or over 144,000,000 people.)
  • Mega Billionaire Koch Brothers ( The keystone XL pipeline which Obama opposes would increase their wealth tremendously at taxpayer expense while threatening the environment, doing nothing for Americas energy needs, and creating only 50 permanent jobs,)
  • Those who seek to undermine the bill of rights by imposing their religious views on the entire country through passage of federal and state laws which limit freedoms of those with different faiths.
  • Those who seek to undermine the US Constitutional mandate to regulate firearms.
  • Those who seek to oppress the vote of their political opponents.
  • Feel free to add to this list. Wherever obscene profits of the 1% seek to grow propped up by the enforced misery of the poor and destruction of the middle class, that is where Ted Cruz and friends find support.
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4 thoughts on “Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz: Destroy America and blame it on Obama.

  1. Austin J. Nester

    Outstanding work here! As we move into the next election cycle, this article- in bringing together the facts on a variety of topics in a concise manner- will help keep the conversation real. Please amend and republish it every week forever!

  2. Austin J. Nester

    If anyone out there understands the full story of the genesis of the mortgage crisis, a concise article would be most welcome. The right loves to blame all of our fimancial woes on it as there was Democratic involvement in the banking law changes that precipitated it. I doubt the Republicans are blameless, but I don’ t know the whole story. My biggest worry is that liberal commentators avoid the topic for good reason.

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