Rape on the highway. The new right wing is the new WRONG.

I e-mailed this to the President at : 


Texas State troopers are rapists. Is this what the Right Wing calls protecting and serving the public? Using the threat of arrest, Texas State troopers are coercing young women into submitting to both vaginal and anal penetration. That is the definition of rape. Everyone in law enforcement in Texas is guilty from the troopers to Governor Rick Perry.

What is “Christian” about violating women this way. This behavior is why Texas has a death penalty. I cannot express my personal outrage at these actions. See to it that these Rapists go to prison.

Does not the 4th amendment to the constitution apply in Texas? It does NOT if you don’t act.

Tell me what you are doing to stop this rape and punish the perpetrators of this criminal activity.

You have my permission to copy this, I encourage it. Proof is from the police video camera, just follow the link below.


Did you notice that the rapist did not check her shoes but spent a good amount of time down her pants?

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3 thoughts on “Rape on the highway. The new right wing is the new WRONG.

  1. I am honestly speechless. The words wrong, immoral or outrage don’t even get close to the level of disgust I am feeling. On top of the violation of rights they violated them sexually and did so in a very unsafe manner by not changing gloves.

  2. jenshua

    That is complete BULLSHIT!! They not only failed to check their shoes but never even patted them down! They touched the 3 private areas only! All for supposedly throwing a cigarette out the window??? These people need to appreciated the power that has been put in their hands, NOT take it for granted. If you go down town here in Albuquerque you can witness the cops asking for young girls phone numbers. It’s everywhere, not just in Texas.

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