Six Shot, 3 died in Pennsylvania at City Council meeting.

This is the country Wyane La Pierre and friends wanted. When La Pierre told CPAC that the ones with the guns make the rules he was applauded. City Council tells someone to clean up their property so he attacks the City Council meeting murdering 3 people and wounding 3 others.

Their are way to many small minded dim witted people to have the number of guns and lack of action from law enforcement concerning verbal threats.

If their is a valid argument for drone strike on a US citizen on US soil, Police Chief Mark Kessler is making it. In his own words, he is going to murder people for having a different political philosophy than he does. He has supplanted elected government with fear and intimidation. US Marshals and/or US Marines need to take action.

Just this morning, before this shooting, I wrote a blog about this very situation.

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