North Carolina Governor defends actions with at least 25 separate points of propaganda, omissions, distortions, payoffs, and lies.

Pat McCrory, Governor of North Carolina, takes his propaganda to youtube.

Election trends show that the higher the voter turnout, the more democrats win. NC now discourages voters at every turn. Many sections of this law target only the young and minorities, both strongly democratic voting blocks. His propaganda versus the truth:

  • First he accuses the “extreme left” of scare tactics. The opponents of voter suppression only appear extreme left from the prospective of someone living on the out of this universe right. Opponents are no more extreme left than LBJ. Federal Law suites are not scare tactics. If your scared of the law, examine yourself.
  • Second, he claims the reforms are common sense. Application of common sense exposes GOP efforts to grab power by silencing the voice of the people.
  • Third he uses the scare tactics claiming voter fraud is destroying democracy.  Voter suppression was practiced for over 2 centuries. Bringing it back is the destruction of democracy.
  • Fourth he compares Voter ID to Air travel. Air travel is not a right, it’s a privilege. He reduces voting to something granted by the TSA and your pocket book.
  • Fifth he compares Voter ID to cashing a check. Deposit the check into your own account and withdraw the funds, all at a ATM, and no ID is required, just a plastic card and a PIN number. Photo ID’s are going out of style.
  • Sixth he compares Voter ID to Applying to Government benefits. That is just false. I have applied for SS disability on line. NO ID required. What is required is the information that is now considered a citizens identity. 
  • Seventh he claims to insure enough time. The aforementioned SS claim is going on it’s 3rd year. Government bureaucracy can stall for far more than 2 1/2 years.
  • Eight, he accuses opponents of the decisive practices he is practicing. Voting rights are only divisive when your suppressing them.
  • Ninth, as if no one can create a fake ID, he claims he is only interested in seeing that no one’s right is disenfranchised by fraudulent ballot. If and only if the GOP plan to discourage voters from voting fails then no one will be disenfranchised. 


  • Tenth, he fails to mention the law shortens early voting. This disenfranchises those who cannot go to the polls on election day. Small business owners/operators, students, health care workers, elderly who require assistance, etc. Most early voters vote for Democrats. Common sense reveals the truth.
  • Eleventh, he fails to mention the law eliminates of same day registration. This  disenfranchises another Democratic voting block.
  • Twelfth, Eliminates preregistration of 10’s of thousands of high school students. Young voters vote strongly democrat.
  • Thirteenth, All Citizens who turn 18 on election day are disenfranchised by law. If you can’t register before you turn 18 and cannot register on election day, then you are denied your right to vote if you turn 18 on election day.
  • Fourteenth, Ends “straight ticket voting”. Straight ticket voters strongly support Democrats. Straight ticket voting is fast, this will increase lines at the polls.
  • Sixteenth, Outlaws paid registration drives. These drives register mainly minorities, previously ignored. They vote strongly Democratic.
  • Seventeenth, Eliminate provisional voting if someone shows up at the wrong precinct. Another deterrent to voting.
  • Eighteenth, Prohibit counties from extending poll hours by one hour on Election Day in extraordinary circumstances, such as in response to long lines. Long lines will be created by cutting of early voting and eliminating straight ticket voting.
  • Nineteenth, Allow any registered voter of a county to challenge the eligibility of a voter rather than just a voter of the precinct in which the suspect voter is registered. Roving self appointed poll police is now allowed to travel to polls outside their neighborhood to disrupt polling.
  • 20th: Increase the maximum allowed campaign contribution per election from $4,000 to $5,000. His payoff for signing the bill.
  • 21st: Loosen disclosure requirements in campaign ads paid for by independent committees. More of his payoffs for signing.
  • 22nd: Repeal the publicly funded election program for appellate court judges. Only the rich or those supported by a PAC or party can run for judge.
  • 23rd: Repeal the requirement that candidates endorse ads run by their campaigns. Allowing more attack ads that the attacker can disavow. 
  • 24th: Move the presidential primary to the first Tuesday after South Carolina’s primary if that state holds its primary before March 15. That would mean North Carolina would have two primaries during presidential elections. Requiring voters to come to the polls twice to vote is another deterrent to voting.
  • 25th: Study electronic filing for campaign returns. Study by who and to what end?


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